Journal de pédiatrie et de puériculture

Le Journal de Pédiatrie et de Puériculture is designed for general practitioners and child specialists. Whether in hospital or private practice, at a school or a social organization, this review covers it all.

You’ll get practical articles on different aspects of pediatric healthcare, from newborns to teenagers. General pediatrics, psychiatry, and psychology, socialization and nutrition are all covered regularly.

The “Quoi de Neuf?” section, specifically designed as a learning aid, gives the floor to a pediatric doctor to bring us up to date in their specialty.

In Le Journal de Pédiatrie et de Puériculture, readers will find key information about their field of specialization, as well as research findings in other areas of pediatrics. These studies will help practitioners stay up-to-date on developments in the field, as well as those in other specialties.

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