Mouvement is much more than just a cultural magazine. It’s a committed, independent platform that explores the many intersections between art and society. With its in-depth, literary journalistic approach, the magazine offers a unique reading experience.

The indisciplinary cultural magazine

The print version of Mouvement is a veritable ode to quality journalism. It focuses on in-depth investigations, captivating reports, major interviews and auteur photography. Markedly, each issue is carefully crafted to offer readers an immersive dive into contemporary cultural issues, while spotlighting inspiring artists and thinkers.

On the Internet, Mouvement stands out for its ability to engage in dialogue with current cultural events and renew its critical form on a daily basis. Through articles and in-depth reviews, it strives to provide an informed look at events & trends in the art world.

What sets Mouvement apart is its uncompromising commitment. The magazine tackles sensitive and sometimes controversial subjects. Indeed, it doesn’t hesitate to question established norms and explore the margins of society to shed light on realities that are often ignored.

Yet Mouvement does more than simply offer a critical assessment of reality. It also proposes avenues for reflection and action, actively encouraging readers to get involved and take action for a fairer, more inclusive world. Through its articles and surveys, the magazine seeks to provoke thought and inspire change.

Finally, Mouvement is above all a collaborative project, shaped by a team of people passionate about culture and social commitment. With no subsidies, the magazine truly relies on the support of its readers to exist and pursue its mission. Together, they are building a space for debate and creativity, convinced that despite the challenges of our times, the future remains full of promise.

Because your favorite magazine should be accessible wherever you live, we deliver Mouvement to over 190 countries!

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