Mots Mel' 100% Grandes Grilles

Mots Mel’ 100% Large Grids

Do you like to put your sense of observation to the test? Are you not afraid to play with words? Then Mots Mel’ 100% Grandes Grilles is for you! Between excitement and apprehension, you’ll quickly realize while leafing through its pages that this magazine has no equivalent anywhere else.

To win the word scramble, you have to find all the words on the list in the grid. They are mixed horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and in both directions. Once you have found the words, the unused letters are put together in normal reading order to solve the puzzle.

Discover Mots Mel’ 100% Grandes Grilles and dive into the heart of current events. For each grid, there is a riddle to untangle concerning the world around us, in areas as varied as the environment, culture, sports and tourism. On each page, there is a new challenge for your sharp eyes, which you will meet by finding the most isolated words and letters. Soon you’ll be hooked on this bimonthly magazine, a captivating game magazine that promises hours of fun.

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Receive your games wherever you are! We deliver to 190 countries! Our catalog is available in French and English.


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