Milk Decoration

MilK Decoration is a high-end home-living magazine. It is designed to inspire families, contemporary design experts, enthusiasts, and urbanites. In other words, this magazine is for anyone who loves style and lifestyle.

Most importantly, the MilK Decoration team’s eye for interior design will leave you with you consistent inspiration. You’ll get the latest trends in decoration and design. Your home becomes a work of art ! Each issue will bring you a multitude of themes and ideas, with reporting that takes you on a journey. Thanks to incredible interior photography, you’ll find inspiration in a heartbeat. With the fascinating articles, you’ll get ideas for places to shop in order to find the perfect items with which to fill your home.

Each issue brings you interviews and dossiers on families who open their homes to the magazine’s journalists and their readers. Whether they live in Sweden or in Corsica, the numerous families that grace the pages of MilK Decoration have made their homes into the perfect nests for themselves and their families. And we think they’ll have the very best tips for you, readers, to construct your very own!

With careful decoration and design, this magazine shows us how a nursery can be as beautiful as a living room or a kitchen. Each owner transforms his or her home into a sanctuary in which they feel at home. With MilK, you’ll be one step closer !

Because we think new trends should be accessible no matter where in the world you live, we ship to over 190 countries.

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