Marie Claire Maison


Marie Claire Maison is a source of dreams and inspiration, allowing you to invent a beautiful, lively, and welcoming home. Personalize your home so that it corresponds to your personality. Marie Claire Maison presents the home and garden as a space of discovery: openness to cultures, tastes and colors, forms and furniture from elsewhere.

The editorial team unearths new design and architecture trends for you. Here they mix styles by opening up the field of possibilities. The objective: to bring original ideas to readers, so that you appropriate them and remake them in your sauce, to better re-enchant your daily life.

Marie Claire Maison is also very attentive to the latest news in design and to finding the best shopping addresses. The magazine brings feeling, personality, and practicality to the world of contemporary decoration. And if by chance an idea doesn’t inspire you, no problem! Reconfigure it to your taste!

If you want to learn more about interior and garden design, and benefit from useful and personalized advice from professionals, then subscribe to Marie Claire Maison to beautify your home. Find all our subscriptions of art of living, as well as our decoration and design titles. We ship worldwide and our catalog is also available in French!

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