Marie claire idées

Creative, aesthetic and resolutely feminine, Marie Claire Idées offers trendy, unique and inspiring ideas every two months. Looking to personalize your decoration, cook with creativity, or customize your wardrobe? This magazine is for you! The talented editorial staff is here to accompany you in the realization of your creative desires. Indeed, to Do It Yourself is to feel the satisfaction and the pleasure of creating, but also to share fun moments with family, friends, or just yourself! Whether in sewing, fashion, decoration, gardening, or cooking, Marie Claire Idées unearths the latest trends and offers a practical guide to achieve gorgeous results! Of course, a booklet of explanations will accompany you, offering tutorials and clear explanations. Finally, its detachable version and its clearly referenced pages allow you to flip directly to the tutorial that interests you.

Each issue of Marie Claire Idées is complemented by sections on travel, shopping, cooking and beauty, and much more!

Being a subscriber to Marie Claire Idées means gaining access to your own inherent creativity! So surprise yourself, trust your talent, and go for it!

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