Le Monde Week-End + M Le Magazine

Le Monde Week-end + M le Magazine completes your subscription to Le Monde, the daily newspaper, once a week. It provides readers with details and relevant analyses on current events and decodes the trends of the moment. Your newspaper selects the most striking news items exclusively for you. Each of these selections is relevant. Your weekly newspaper is therefore synthesized in 12 pages that bring you to the heart of the news. Every weekend, you’ll be able to follow the most important events in the news. This summary allows you to save time by concentrating on the essential.

Our Le Monde Week-end offer exclusively reserved for the international market, tailored to meet your expectations.

Each week, you will receive :

– the Saturday edition of Le Monde
– the daily newspaper Le Monde dated Sunday / Monday
– M le Magazine :

M le Magazine du Monde is a weekly lifestyle supplement of the newspaper Le Monde. It deals with current events in an offbeat tone as well as with lifestyle topics such as fashion, design and culture.

If you want to know more about French and international news, while benefiting from useful and reliable information, then subscribe to Le Monde Week-end + M le Magazine, to better understand the world around you. Find more daily newspapers while you’re here. We ship worldwide, and our catalog is also available in French!


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