Le Monde de la bible

Le Monde de la Bible is a review dedicated to history, art, and archeology. This publication will bring you along on an incredible journey to the origins of the Christian religious heritage.

Le Monde de la Bible is where passions intersect: those of the Christ, of the earth and its people, great civilizations from antiquity to present-day. This publication offers its readers a better understanding of religion, and a greater familiarity with the origins of monotheistic culture. Each issue brings readers up-to-speed on travel, art, and history — subjects taken on by experts with fascinating stories to tell. You’ll be absolutely bursting with all the incredible things you’ll learn, and friends and family will be thrilled with the incredible facts and analyses you’ll be able to share with them.

Discover the origins of the civilizations that brought us the Bible!  With Le Monde de la Bible, you’ll dive into this unique historical world, composed of captivating mysteries. You’ll emerge from each issue more cultured in religion, history, and the wonders of civilizations past and present. Plus, check out more of our Religion/Spirituality publications while you’re here!

The digital version is sent by the publisher. You shall receive the first issue within two weeks following the order validation.


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