L'Ami des Jardins

You can trust the experts at L’Ami des Jardins!

L’Ami des Jardins is the magazine by garden specialists for garden enthusiasts. Each month, this magazine brings readers its best tips and tricks for a vibrant garden. Thanks to this advice, you’ll have all the keys — and enthusiasm! — to take care of your urban or rural garden like a pro!

This is a practical lifestyle magazine anchored in seasonality and aimed at garden enthusiasts. It’s perfect for anyone who loves gardening, whether you’re a professional or a beginner, and whatever the surface area you have at your disposal. In each issue, gardening tips are shared liberally, and the latest horticultural news is put in the spotlight. You’ll get great ideas for garden design and practical tips presented by the editorial staff with photos and sketches. Plus, each month you’ll find advice and step-by-step instructions from Stéphane Marie in his dedicated section. You’ll discover new plants that you’ll want to adopt, and ancestral techniques for taking care of your favorite foliage-d friend.

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