Journal de radiologie

The Journal de Radiologie publishes original articles and clinical case studies covering all the domains of radiographic imaging. This review is a high quality publication with a rigorous editorial line. In other words, its scientific value is recognized worldwide. 

The Journal de Radiologie publishes focused articles which are widely regarded as veritable references in this specialization. Its fantastic Quid and Technical Notes sections will bring you precious information on your daily medical practice. 

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In order to keep you up-to-date on the evolution of radiological imaging, five annual dossiers are devoted entirely to FMC. Articles are written by experts in their field. Plus, this review is known as a reference in the medical imaging community. 

Each issue brings you essential information from around the world, essential for continuing education. Over the years, this review has been recognized as being of excellent quality by the medical community. With a rigorous editorial line and high-quality publications, the Journal de Radiologie is known around the world for its scientific value. 

Because we believe you should be able to keep up with news in your field no matter where you live, we ship internationally. Delivery is free, and available in over 190 countries!

Twelve issues per year – subscription includes all issues for the current calendar year, regardless of the start date of the subscription.*


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