IT for Business

IT for Business is the new version of 01Business. This is THE magazine for decision-makers and consultants in IT, including:

  • News: Major events of the month in technology and software, security and networking, monthly figures and important interviews with important players in the sector.
  • Magazine: a round-table, product reviews, investigative reports, portraits and prospective analyses in IT trends.
  • Dossier: here to help you deepen your knowledge of an important article or technique in DSI.
  • Practice: bibliographies, events calendars, and opinion pieces.

IT for Business is a plural resource that gives you access to important information 24/7.

Every month, the magazine will bring you a complete analysis of your sector, and a daily newsletter helps you keep up-to-date on all the news you need to know. Maybe sure that you’re keeping up with best practices and the latest standards in your field by subscribing today. In a sector that changes daily, don’t miss a beat.

Want to learn more about the latest trends in your sector, all the while knowing that your information is useful and reliable? Subscribe to IT for Business in order to better understand the world of digital management. Find all of our tech subscriptions here, and don’t forget that our catalog is also available in French.


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