Historail is a magazine conceived especially for railroad enthusiasts! It takes readers all the way through railway history via thematic reports, bibliographies, reference points, reports, and more.

Railroads have defined paradigm-shifts and epochs. Today, they remain frequently used and integral to our country’s infrastructure. To better understand their evolution over the years, this magazine is full of historical reports. In Historail, you’ll get a chance to dive into the periods that marked the evolution of railways in France and elsewhere. Indeed, trains are more than just a means of transport that spirit us from point A to a point B. Behind it lies the technological and industrial evolution of our contemporary societies. Both necessary for the movement of individuals and for the transport of goods, trains and railroads are essential to our day-to-day lives.

The diverse content featured in Historail shares knowledge and information habitually reserved for experts in the field. It also deals with the material aspect of technological advances, such as traction processes explained through their technical mechanisms.

Because we’re citizens of the world, like you, our catalog is available in English and we offer free shipping to over 190 countries! Don’t wait a tick longer to to keep up to date with the latest rail news.



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