Fourrages is a quarterly journal specializing in the study of forage crops and livestock systems. For professionals and enthusiasts alike, this revue has plenty of interesting information for anyone intrigued by the bounty of nature!

Each trimester, Fourrages brings readers new work from researchers, teachers and engineers in the form of scientific articles, testimonials and technical notes.

This means that Fourrages takes on a number of themes, such as:

  • Production: macro-economy, statistics, agricultural politics, territorial management, and more.
  • Foraging systems: how they work, diversity, autonomy, etc.
  • Foraging production: agronomy, management of inventory
  • Use: nutritional values, production, conservation, etc.
  • Environmental practices: services, water quality, biodiversity, and more.
  • Selection: species, varieties
  • Development and applications: testimonials

In addition to the current topics covered by the magazine, over 2000 articles are available online at the AFPF website

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