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Expertises des Systèmes d’Information is the leading reference journal for information technology law. Created in 1978 at the time of the adoption of the “Informatique et libertés” law, it was the first French professional publication dedicated to IT law.

Since then, Expertises has constantly adapted to legal, technological and societal changes in order to provide professionals with both practical and theoretical insights. It provides readers with the legal information they need. Indeed, this magazine combines the rigor of a legal review and the dynamics of a press publication with a section devoted to legislative news in New Information and Communication Technologies. Every month, you will find articles on guidelines, plus reproductions of court decisions. Finally, in each issue, you will find a long interview with an important individual on a current topic in the field. The journal is made up of the following sections:

  • “Focus”
  • “In Brief”: quick updates on the digital world
  • “Magazine”: legal and jurisprudential information on digital technology
  • “Interview”: For example, the irresponsibility of robots
  • “Doctrine”

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