Europhysics News

Europhysics News, the newsletter of the European Physical Society (EPS), is a publication brought to you by EDP Sciences. It provides physicists at all levels with a broad spectrum of scientific and organisational information on varied aspects of the study of physics.

Since 1968, the EPS has had the privilege of awarding numerous scientific prizes. There is the Edison Volta Prize, the Europhysics Prize, and finally the High Energy and Particle Physics Prize.

In the pages of Europhysics News you will find review articles, dossiers on advanced topics, and new reports. In particular, the readers of Europhysics News are students and senior executives in industry or the public service.

Europhysics News also recognises sites that are historically important for the progress of physics. For example, there is the Blackett Laboratory in 2014 and the Student Residence in 2015. The journal also offers articles on the various conferences, seminars or workshops organized by the EPS.

Here is an example of current divisions of EPS, touched upon by material in Europhysics News :

  • Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Division
  • Condensed Matter Division
  • Division of Physical Education
  • Gravitational Physics Division
  • Plasma Physics Division

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