EPL – Europhysics Letters

EPL Europhysics Letters explores the frontiers of physics. This lauded journal publishes short papers on one or several topics of interest or importance to the physics community. Its coverage is deliberately broad, including astrophysics and plasma science research.

EPL is published by the European Physical Society, by the Società Italiana du Fisica, EDP Sciences, and IOP.

Are you a science revue enthusiast? Then EPL – Europhysics Letters is the magazine for you — specialized in everything science and physics related!

This journal explores the frontiers of physics. EPL – Europhysics Letters publishes fascinating articles on the latest from the international physics community. This revue  is published according to the guidelines of the European Physical Society, as well as by the Italian Physics Society, EDP Sciences, and IOP. EPL brings readers the best and latest in physics research, thanks to a rigorous peer review process and the participation of today’s experts.

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