Documentation photographique le dossier

Documentation photographique le dossier

Every two months, this journal presents pressing questions in history and geography to an expert in the subject. This journal is an indispensable tool for students and teachers of history and geography. It also brings readers a pleasant way to enrich one’s personal culture. You’ll get the latest in what’s going on in research in a 16-page synthesis. Plus, to go further, you’ll also get twenty-three double pages of documents commented by the author (photographs, computer graphics, works of art, maps, texts, etc.).

Documentation photographique le dossier is also a complete set of documents on major historical and geographical subjects. Introduced by texts written by renowned academics, this is a review of information and general culture that can serve as a tool for teaching history and geography.

With 6 issues per year, the journal is interested in many fields, such as war histories, humanity itself etc. The photographic documents illustrating articles are the object of a particular care, dealing with important but also topical subjects. Find us every 2 months (6 n°/year) our review Documentation photographique le dossier will make you see history and geography differently.

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