Ethnologie française

Ethnologie Française analyses how our culture is shaped by current social issues. First published in 1971, its original focus was on French culture, but it has since broadened its vision to the whole of Europe, especially in issues with articles by international authors. Supported by Université Paris Nanterre, the texts contained are always of highest quality and reliability.

Ethnologie Française takes a deep dive on how we think the world. Thanks to valuable perspectives from the field, it questions the vocabulary with which we speak about our societies. Its assessment of literature from the domain always seeks to confront history, philosophy, and linguistics with rigor and intellectual responsibility.

With 3 issues a year, Ethnologie Française is one of the leading reviews in general anthropology and French language. Special, but not exclusive, attention is paid to European societies. This revue consistently treats its subjects through combined lenses of history, sociology, political science, geography, and literary studies. Thanks to Ethnologie Française, you’ll be at the heart of social analysis.

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