Comptes-rendus Chimie

Comptes-Rendus Chimie is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that’s perfect for academics and students alike! This monthly journal presents original articles in all fields of chemistry. This journal covers many diverse fields of chemistry,  presented here in the form of columns. Indeed, this scientific review treats anything and everything related to chemistry, even less-intuitive disciplines :

  • Physics and theory
  • Thermodynamics and kinetics
  • Electrochemistry and photochemistry
  • Surfaces and catalysis
  • Organic and organometallic synthesis
  • Physical organics
  • Bioorganic and therapeutic
  •  Inorganic molecular
  • Macromolecular
  • Solid State Chemistry and Crystallochemistry
  • Metallurgy
  • Analytical and Environmental Chemistry
  • Chronicle of chemistry.

Comptes-Rendus – Chimie is a peer-reviewed, digital scientific journal that publishes original research articles available in open access. It is one of the seven journals published by the Academy of Sciences.

The objective of this journal is to allow researchers to quickly make their work known to the international scientific community. It also seeks to nourish the passion of curious young people.

Comptes-Rendus – Chimie publishes a wealth of research articles. Thematic issues and articles reflect the history of the Academy of Sciences as well as its current scientific endeavors.

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