Comptes-rendus Biologies

Comptes-rendus Biologies brings you the latest in all areas of life sciences on a monthly basis. Indeed, the journal presents numerous themes:
such as Bio-modeling, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Developmental and Reproductive Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry. And that’s not all; you’ll also find Neurosciences, Immunology, Pharmacology, Ecology, and more.

Comptes-rendus Biologies offers these numerous articles in English or in French. The magazine published its first issue in 1835 and is considered a peer-reviewed digital scientific journal. Indeed, it is one of the seven journals published by the Academy of Sciences.

Loads of articles, thematic issues, news, and images. It also deals with debates and articles reflecting the history of the Academy of Sciences as well as its current scientific activity, but also in the different fields of biology.

All fields of life sciences are gathered here in a prestigious journal with a frequency of 12 issues per year!

This journal is aimed at researchers in biology in the broadest sense, including students nearing the end of their studies.

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