Monthly magazine Archimag is the best tool for monitoring and understanding information systems. Looking to understand everything about document management? It covers everything: digital document management, content management, copyright, and internet/Intranet.

Archimag is imagined for information management professionals. It is aimed at managers of documentation centers, archivists, and librarians. Project managers, marketing directors, SME managers, and IT managers will also find valuable news here.

Every month, get the latest in the field, along with methodologies and reports. Stay informed in this ever-changing world. Archimag brings readers the best tools and teaches them to make the best use of them.

Get all the latest on computer systems that companies need. What’s more, you’ll get reports on the professional world of information. This specialized magazine goes through the world of documentary information with a fine-tooth comb.

Archimag also publishes 4 practical guides per year. You’ll get all the keys to succeed in your project (dematerialization, electronic archiving, monitoring, etc.). Plus, you can choose the option with the digital pdf of the magazine! This way, you can bring Archimag wherever you go.

If you are interested in other areas of training, check out our knowledge magazines while you’re here. Our site is also available in French.


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