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Le français dans le monde

Le français dans le monde

Current news about French language and culture

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Le français dans le monde

Le Français dans le Monde brings you all the education and culture news from the French-speaking world.

In each issue, you’ll find learning aids, rundowns on teaching experiences from all over the world, and loads of other section dedicated to teaching French as a foreign language.

Five good reasons to subscribe:

  • eminently practical
  • personalized access to educational records, sounds and images on the website of Le Français dans le Monde
  • the latest news about the French language and the French-speaking world (with the “Francophonies du Sud” supplement twice a year)
  • coverage of cultural and social events
  • the latest in language teaching (with the  “Recherches & Applications”  supplement twice a year with the “Formation” subscription)

The digital version is sent by the publisher. You shall receive the first issue within two weeks following the order validation.

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