After Foot

After Foot: The truths the soccer world needs to hear

After Foot is the news magazine for the soccer world. If you’re passionate about the sport and want to find out everything that goes on behind the scenes and more, this magazine is for you. In each issue, you’ll find explanations about soccer, unpublished interviews and analyses of noteworthy professionals,  and all the latest scandals.

Clubs in bankruptcy? Unpaid players? Disillusioned spectators? Find out everything about the most important teams. Plus, you’ll get commentary from economists, personalities and intellectuals chosen by Daniel Riolo and Gilbert Brisbois. After 15 years of radio, these two men are leaving the studio. The duo, which hosts the After Foot on RMC, is taking the reins at quarterly magazine After Foot.

All this and more, all while maintaining the tone of the show: telling the truths that the soccer world needs to hear.

Do you want to find out more about what goes on behind the scenes in soccer and get useful and reliable information? Subscribe to After Foot to better understand the workings of this sport that fascinates people all over the world. Check out all our culture and leisure subscriptions, as well as our sports titles. Our site is also available in French.



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