tout premiers jeux

Designed especially for toddlers, the TOUT PREMIERS JEUX magazine will allow your 2+ year old to develop his or her sense of observation and stimulate his or her concentration through four varied and adapted activities. Thanks to its practical format, it will be able to color, paste and draw lines very easily. In addition, a simple sentence accompanies the games to develop your curiosity. With Very First Games, your child also has his magazine!

Enjoy 60 free stickers.

Perfect for vacations, commutes and rainy weekends, this magazine offers hours of guaranteed entertainment!
Does your child love game magazines? It’s only natural! Check out all of our fun kids’ magazines and magazines dedicated to children ages 3 to 6!

So that your children receive their magazine wherever you live, we deliver to over 190 countries! Subscribe now! Our catalog is also available in French and English.


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