Since 2007, Tsugi has been the music scouting magazine par excellence. It was the first Francophone magazine to feature front-page artists like MGMT, Gesaffelstein, Brodinski, Caribou, Lana Del Rey, as well as Vampire Weekend, The Kills, and Phoenix. By refusing to be locked into a musical pigeonhole, this magazine never stops discovering the artists of today and tomorrow.

Every month, you’ll find the latest music news as well as in-depth articles on the music world. In Tsugi, you’ll find :

  • Various articles about music and musicians you like such as “Dead or alive? Artists whose disappearance is not explained”, “What to listen to after Civilisation by Orelsan?” or “What do you listen to when you just turned 14 today?”
  • Inspiring portraits of musical personalities, tracing their career and musical inspiration “Mirwais: eternal modern young man”
  • Tsugi is also richly documented in-depth features addressing social issues seen through the prism of music, such as “The music world’s #metoo”

Are just a few notes enough to get your neurons firing? Our Culture & Leisure section offers a selection of music magazines to keep you up to date with the latest music news. Classical, pop, rock, and more — our large choice offers everyone the possibility to find their favorite style.

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