Télé Poche

Télé Poche is the TV program guide you need to keep up with the latest TV and celebrity news! It keeps readers up-to-date on the week’s programs according to your TV package.  Télé Poche features a compact format based on 4 sections: The magazine, The programs, Life-Changers, and Humor & Games.

In your magazine you’ll find gossip, reactions, and revelations on your favorite stars via exclusive reports. Plus, you’ll get to read dossiers on the behind-the-scenes secrets of today’s most popular series! Subscribing to Télé Poche is also an opportunity to update your agenda with the practical information sheets provided in the magazine. Decorating, cooking, gardening, beauty, everything is there to keep you up on the latest trends.

Thanks to the program guide of the week, never miss your favorite TV shows or movies ever again! If you miss an episode, Télé Poche gives you all the information you’ll need to see a replay! What’s more, at the end of your magazine, you’ll find a Humor, Games & Comics section to help you start the week on a positive note.

To ensure you don’t miss anything, check out our Television subscription catalog. With UNI-Presse, subscribing to the French press around the world is child’s play! Our catalog is also available in French and English.

*To access your digital version, you have to create an account on the publisher’s website. To do this, pick up your subscriber number from the protective film of your paper magazine.

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