Mécanique et industries

The objective of Mécanique et industries is to coordinate and disseminate scientific and technical information in mechanics. It applies diverse links between activities in industrial companies. These activities include the study, design, manufacture and deconstruction of engines or vehicles. Thus, they produce or transmit movement, a force or a deformation.

Mechanics originated during the Industrial Revolution and the beginnings of the division of labour. It was during the 20th century that this branch underwent a decisive change. It combines with information technology and electronics to form a new branch, mechatronics. Since then, it has flourished in robotics. Thanks to this magazine, you’ll get all the latest news in a quickly-evolving field.

EDP Sciences is the editor of  Mécaniques et industries. M&I also publishes original scientific and technical advances in the fields of mechanics and its interfaces. Thus, the calculation of general mechanics permits us to know the external mechanical actions of a part of a mechanical system. Moreover, in its six annual issues, it offers:

– Multidisciplinary content related to mechanics.
– About sixty articles written in English.
– A calendar of upcoming conferences and events in the field of mechanics.

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