L’immanquable is a rundown of the best in comics and graphic novels!

L’immanquable is an early-publication comic strip, published 11 to 12 times a year. This magazine adopts the codes of the seminal publications that preceded it, such as Circus and Métal Hurlant. A showcase for the latest in the 9th art, L’Immanquable offers a wide range of French editorial production in preview. Each month, enjoy new and original content, specially-devised for the most insatiable readers.

L’Immanquable collects storyboards from the biggest publishers to offer them to readers in preview. The pre-publications are the core of the magazine, but readers will also find :

  • Interviews with storyboard creators,
  • Unpublished articles and portraits,
  • Interviews with personalities such as the legendary Teddy Riner or singer Alain Souchon.
  • Proposed comics are cut into XXL episodes that never leave the reader hungry,
  • The unmissable reader by Arnü West, humorously reminding us that the magazine would be nothing without its readers,
  • Investigations, and more

Enjoy L’Immanquable and its  unique content, and get the latest in upcoming comics before everyone else!

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