Chasseur Français

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One of the oldest magazines in France, Le Chasseur Français is a magazine anchored in time. Covering fishing, hunting, as well as history, this thorough and openly-ecological magazine is aimed at lovers of nature and rural life. Every month, it brings readers information, practical advice, classified ads and, above all, a breath of fresh air! Easy to browse, entertaining and illustrated, it offers information and advice on the home, DIY, animals, gardening and much more. Don’t miss out on your nature fix: subscribe today!

The magazines sections include:

  • “Bonjour la France”: includes news, letters to the editor, and the survey of the month!
  •  Complete files and equipment tests on hunting, fishing, nature and gardening gear.
  • “Bien au Pays” takes a look at campaign initiatives, the transmission of knowledge, traditional recipes, the discovery of professions, and meetings with local politicians.
  • “Bien à la maison” integrates DIY and legal advice, and even classified ads!

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