Subscription La Revue de métaphysique et de morale

Founded in 1893 at the initiative of Xavier Léon, La Revue de métaphysique et de morale is a journal of philosophy. It publishes thematically-based issues on major topics currently being debated in the international philosophical community while striving to offer an independent perspective. For certain authors and philosophical currents, the review also includes rundowns of contemporary research. It provides individual contributions, as well as reviews, critical discussions and bulletins devoted to the most notable recent French or foreign publications in a given field.

The feature stories of La Revue de métaphysique et de morale are devoted to major questions being debated in the philosophical community today on the one hand, and new research in the history of philosophy on the other hand. The published contributions and the compiled stories are not tied to any particular school of thought. On the contrary, and in accordance with its vocation, La Revue de métaphysique et de morale wants to contribute to redefining the discourse in the various fields of philosophy. It also aims to contribute to the development of rational criticism and the greatest possible widening of philosophical discussion.

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