La Croix

Every day with La Croix, escape the media echo chamber by retaining what makes sense in the news. This is the daily newspaper that aims to stimulate debate on the major issues that concern us. Its goal is to be of service to its readers in their professional and social lives.

Not belonging to any large financial group, the newspaper aims to keep its independence in order to better treat today’s information.  Analysis always takes precedence over sensationalism. La Croix is consistently concerned with delivering high-quality information, indispensable for moving forward and creating in today’s world.

La Croix Week-End has become La Croix L’Hebdo. Every Friday with your issue you’ll receive a weekly magazine that invites you to extract yourself from the constant flow of information. With this magazine, you’re guaranteed to better understand the most radical issues in societies all over the world today.

If you want to learn more about what’s happening around the globe and benefit from useful and reliable information, then subscribe to La Croix to better understand our times. Find all our general news subscriptions as well as other specialized press titles. We ship all over the world, and our catalog is also available in French.


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