La Correspondance de la publicité

La correspondance de la publicité illustrates various aspects of the advertising world, bringing readers the latest in the field. It deconstructs the evolutions of the domain in order to better contextualize them. Different types and techniques of communication define the deployment of advertising campaigns. This magazine describes the markets and their functioning, rendering it a not-to-be-missed reference for professionals and students alike. Deconstruction and smart analyses shed all the most mysterious aspects of the market in a new light.

Each day, the reader will receive five separate columns:

  • “The industry calendar” reports on the various advertising events.
  • “Current issues” presents analyses of the latest news in communications.
  • “Advertising and its leaders” reports on the directions taken by top management.
  • “Advertising in the press” offers an overview of advertising communication in the media.

Every Monday, your issue will include an additional study of two to four pages. La correspondance de la publicité will help demystify the evolution and techniques of advertising. Plus, our catalog is also available in English! We ship to over 190 countries. Don’t wait, get the latest in advertising news!

Because the press must be accessible wherever you are, we deliver anywhere in the world! Moreover, the delivery is offered.


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