Europe magazine is the perfect magazine for passionate art and literature-lovers.

Here, leading specialists in diverse cultural realms expose the latest in their field. Each dossier deals with a given theme, which in turn concerns classical or modern writers, literary movements, and life-changing books from different countries and literary genres. Readers of Europe are no strangers to literature and fine culture, but given the expertise of the publication’s team, we’d wager that even experts will find their latest literary crush within these pages.

Alongside these dossiers, Europe magazine publishes creative texts by French and foreign writers. Plus, the publication includes chronicles on current events in literature, theater, cinema and the arts more widely. The diversity of articles that this magazine offers will quench your thirst for the richness of European culture. Prepared with the utmost professionalism, each issue offers access the most fascinating and of-the-moment cultural news. Each issue is prepared in such a way as to describe its chosen subject in the greatest possible detail. Don’t hesitate, get the latest in the literary world today!

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