An independent monthly review founded by Emmanuel Mounier in 1932, Esprit is the essential review for today’s world.

Esprit has a long history of research and dialogue. This review illustrates a general approach to our day-to-day lives, between pop culture and in-depth research. Esprit is concerned with general interest topics, and aims to decrypt political, social, and cultural evolutions all over the world.

At the intersection of philosophy and current events, Esprit pushes its readers to constantly question themselves and the world around them. You know what they say about judging books by their covers! Today we are surrounded by controversial subjects and polarized opinions, and it’s essential that we learn to decode the world around us. Here readers learn from mistakes as well as successes thanks to rich and deeply-researched articles. One of Esprit’s greatest particularities is its appreciation for international debate. Keep an open mind about the world around you. Plus, you’ll get recommendations for other books and pieces you should be reading, all year long.

This magazine is for those who’d like to understand our history in order to act on and take part in it. Subscribe today, and don’t hesitate to check out our catalog of other cultural subjects while you’re here. We ship worldwide and our catalog is also available in French.

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