Comptes-rendus mécaniques

Comptes-rendus mécaniques: all about mechanics!

Are you passionate about mechanics? Comptes-rendus mécaniques is here to hand you the keys.

The Paris Academy of Sciences brings you Comptes-rendus mécaniques, covering everything you need to know from the world of mechanics. Covering different dynamic systems, solid and liquid mechanics, acoustics, waves and vibrations, and more. Mechanical science is made accessible to readers young and old, bringing you everything you need to know to understand the inner workings of machines we encounter every day.

You’ll also find out about the latest important discoveries. With a new issue every month, you’ll be up-to-date on all the most recent research news. Plus, you’ll be at the heart of scientific discoveries, often two to three months before they’re widely publicized. When we say you’ll get the latest, we aren’t exaggerating: you’ll have plenty of interesting facts and stories to share with your friends thanks to this magazine.

You’ll find articles in English and French in this accessible magazine.

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