Causette is a French monthly magazine. Its motto is “shaping minds over bodies.”

Causette is different from other women’s interest magazines in that it doesn’t offer fashion or beauty advice. That means that with its signature irreverence and humor, the magazine proposes profiles, interviews, and reports. According to The Times, who dubs the magazine a “symbol of the French feminist renaissance,” “Causette transgresses all the rules of France’s women’s interest press.”

With wit and a great sense of humor, this magazines takes on important subjects and sheds light on the latest in feminist issues. Today, women’s place in society is undergoing important changes. This magazine is one of the media outlets that aim to serve these evolutions. Important articles are treated with a light tone, without leaving professionalism in the dust.

Causette is about feminism, above and beyond the stereotypical definitions of the term. Important subjects like women’s rights and women’s place in society are tackled with a smile, and women from all different walks of life will surely find new perspectives and stories in Causette’s pages.

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