Annals physical rehabilitation medicine

APRM (Annals of physical and rehabilitation medicine) assembles clinical and para-clinical research in the field of rehabilitation medicine. Primarily, its role is to coordinate and ensure the implementation of all necessary measures to prevent physical consequences. This journal is part of a multidisciplinary domain including doctors and paramedical staff such as physiotherapists or nurses.

Annals of physical and rehabilitation medicine publishes nine issues a year in order to provide plenty of information and novel clinical approaches to professionals in the field. Plus, the journal offers original peer-reviewed research and epidemiological studies. Importantly, the APRM is committed to the most strident editorial and scientific guidelines. In other words, it outlines varied methods for assessing motor and sensory impairments. Thanks to APRM’s dedication to scientific excellence, it’s a fantastic resource for professionals across this diverse domain. Ensure that you’re at the top of your game and offering the best standard of care with APRM.

Furthermore, this journal also addresses the field of cognitive disorders. You’ll learn more about the deterioration of memory and other systemic deficiencies and malfunctions. The rehabilitation process encompasses all orthopedic, rheumatological, neurological, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. In sum, you’ll receive regularly updated information on your particular specialty, as well as those of your colleagues.




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