L’Actu is the only daily newspaper dedicated to young people, from 13 to 18 years old. With 8 pages each day, it’s concentrated information on world news that you can read in ten minutes. Both serious and with a touch of humor, each Tuesday the magazine tackles a 4-page report on subjects such as history, economics, science or geography. Young adults will have a fantastic source though which to develop critical thinking and awareness of the outside world. Contained are series of dossiers such as:

  • Current affairs series
  • Economy
  • Writers
  • Geography
  • History
  • Inventions
  • Job
  • Philosophy

Plus, L’Actu has special photo issues that appear every Monday. They illustrate current events and are built around a theme common to all the images. In addition to the “on TV” and “people” sections, also included is a flagship sections with key events, illustrated interviews, reports and cartoons … However, since they are not available on newsstands, your teen will have privileged access to the newspaper’s website with his or her subscriber number.

Discover our subscription offer L’Actu: the current affairs newspaper for teens aged 13 and up! Reduced price with delivery to more than 190 countries!

If you wish to explore other magazines, please feel free to visit our site in French and English.


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