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Ministère des Affaires étrangères

UNI-Presse has as mission to promote and encourage French Language and culture throughout the world. We are privileged to have the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs as principal partner in our activities. We work principally through the network of cultural and educational institutes outside France recognized by the government: French lycées and other educational institutes; cultural centers; the Alliances Françaises; and research institutes.


Culturesfrance is the agency of the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Culture and Communications responsible for international cultural exchanges. It works on a daily basis in collaboration with other French and foreign partners in the private and public sector, at city or regional level in France or Europe.

Bureau International de l'Edition Française

The BIEF provides an essential service to professionals in book publishing by facilitating publishers’ projects for export development, rights sales and acquisitions, and international partnerships. The action is organized around three main axes : a showcase for French publishing at book fairs throughout the world, scrutiny and analysis of international markets, connecting publishers all over the world through professional exchanges.

Centre de Liaison de l'Enseignement et des Médias d'Information

The Clemi (centre for liaison between teaching and information media) is part of the French Ministry of Education. It was created in 1983 with the mission of "promoting especially by means of training activities, the multiple use of news media in teaching with the aim of encouraging a better understanding of the world by pupils while simultaneously developing critical understanding." (Decree of April 1993). To achieve this mission, the Clemi offers training sessions, educational programmes and events, opportunities of exchange and networking, and pedagogical publications.

TV5 Monde

TV5MONDE, the world’s top French television network, is a space for open and pluralist expression. It is a general interest network, with a wide variety of programming that ranges across films, fiction, documentaries, sport, including its own productions of news and other original and previously unscreened programmes. To strengthen its position as the number two televsion network in the world, it is now using Internet as another way to make its broadcast materials available. In fact, is already one of the world’s top French-speaking internet sites.

FIAFE - Fédération Internationale des Accueils Français et Francophones à l'Etranger

The Accueils can be found in 160 towns and cities in 76 countries. They are staffed by volunteers who share their experience and savoir-faire, and above all their knowledge of the local area . The Accueils are designed for French and French-speaking expatriots. They offer help to new arrivals and their families, providing useful advice and information, as well as proposing various activities and opportunities to discover their new "home". They serve as centres for spreading and promoting French language and culture.

Union des Français de l'étranger

The UFE (Union des Français à l’Étranger) is an officially recognised public body (Association reconnue d’utilité publique) whose purpose is to maintain the closest possible links between ex-patriot French citizens and France, and to work for the interests of all French citizens who have resided or who are currently resident outwith France. The UFE has staff or offfices in 160 cities throughout the world. Its website (with online subscription) offers a full range of information on living abroad.

Le Cordon Bleu

Founded in 1895, Le Cordon Bleu has grown and evolved to become one of the world's foremost groups offering training in the culinary arts, and hotel and tourist management. Today, the group has 30 international schools in 15 different countries (Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle-East, and the United States). Today, as throughout its history, Le Cordon Bleu remains faithful to its tradition of excellence, and is a proud defender of French culinary, educational and cultural values.

France Expatriés

France-Expatriés will soon celebrate 15 years as the premier organization for French ex-patriots. It provides help and guidance in matters related to international mobility, for both companies and private individuals. It also publishes a number of useful guides, providing practical, legal and fiscal information, to help ex-patriots as they move abroad.

Ici Londres

Ici Londres is the number 1 media for French people in London, with a free monthly magazine dispatched in London and in France and a website updated daily. We have been proposing for 10 years to the French comunity living in London, or willing to expatriate in the United Kingdom, a classifieds platform (job, housing, train tickets, nanny...) as well as cultural and convenient information.

Forum Expat, spécialiste en éducation aux médias.

Paris Mania