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Vocable All English

Vocable All English is all in English, no French ! Subscribe and receive the best of the anglophone press in your mailbox, every two weeks! No matter what your age or diploma level, learning new languages is great for keeping your mind fit and your communication skills sharp! Plus, with English being an important international language, this magazine will be sure you’re up to snuff. Whether at work or on vacation!

All the articles are in English, including the glossary: the complicated expression or words are explained avoiding French translation. Plus, if you’re looking to become a true polyglot, be sure to check out our other Vocable offers!

Vocable All English is the ideal tool for enriching your English vocabulary! With our different subscription offers, you’ll be practicing and improving your English in no time, without forgetting to strengthen your grammar basics!

Check out our different subscription packages:

  • Print magazine: biweekly print issue
  • Audio Reading Package: along with your printed magazine, you’ll also get CDs and a reading booklet.
  • Audio Conversation Package: along with your printed magazine, you’ll also get CDs and a conversation booklet.

The digital edition is sent to subscribers by the publisher. Please allow two weeks from the validation of your order to receive your first print issue.

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