Touk Touk Magazine

Touk Touk Magazine helps children 3-7 years old travel and discover France, and the wider world around us. Kids will become little eco-citizens of the world! This is one of the leading youth magazines that transmits French culture to children.

In each issue of the magazine, children visit a region of France. Through stories, games, sound animations, storytelling, DIY and documentaries, they enjoy discovering local traditions, emblematic monuments, culinary specialities, French heritage and landscapes.

Touk Touk Magazine takes children on adventures all over the world! Thus, in each issue you’ll discover a new country: local customs, habitats, traditions, fauna and flora, etc. Moreover, children get to explore different cultures and beautiful places in a playful and educational way. They follow the illustrated adventures of their little heroes and play explorer! It also helps sensitive little ones to the importance of ecology.

Touk Touk Magazine awakens children to the beauty of the world. Plus, through stories, games and reports, the youngest discover nature and the environment. While having fun, they come to understand the world around them and learn simple gestures to preserve our beautiful planet.

The editorial staff is made up of French women, living in France and in different countries around the world. There is no advertising in the magazine.

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