Relax and get inspired with Public!

Every week, Public deciphers the latest celebrity news. Stay up to date with buzz, scoops, scandals, juicy pictures, and much, much more. What’s more, it scopes out the latest fashion and beauty trends for you! Throughout these pages, you’ll dream and get inspired by exclusive interviews with your favorite celebrities. Dive into the heart of celebrity news through poignant reports full of revelations!

Public is the perfect magazine for a well-deserved break. This magazine helps you disconnect from everyday life by immersing you in a world of glitter and drama, but also culture and games.

News: don’t miss the latest celebrity gossip! Discover sections that you’re sure to love:

  • “Seen in the news!”
  • “Public story,”
  • “Clear or unclear,”
  • The latest gossip.
  • Fashion and beauty at affordable prices: to help you adopt the style of your favorite stars, all while respecting your budget.
  • TV, games, and much more!
  • Public is also: movies you don’t want to miss, your horoscope, games, health and well-being information, good deals on going out, advice from Doctor Love, etc.


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