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Pour la science

Pour la Science has been a leading reference in international scientific news for 40 years.

With Pour la Science, be the first to know about the latest research in articles by the researchers themselves! All scientific fields are covered: anthropology, climatology, microbiology, quantum physics, marine biology, and more.

In each monthly issue, you’ll find :

  • A rundown of the year’s most recent scientific discoveries ;
  • A complete round-up of international scientific news;
  • Articles written by researchers on various subjects: environment, astrology, health, paleontology, biology, etc.
  • Relevant opinions and explanations on pressing scientific issues;
  • A reliable and accessible source of reference

Pour la Science adapts to its readers, seeking to remain clear and precise even in difficult subject matter. The goal is to encourage total comprehension for both professional researchers and students alike. Keep abreast of all the latest in the field with this prestigious publication. Indeed, the magazine aims to cover the scientific news featured in the Scientific American, of which Pour la Science is the French edition.

Find all our science subscriptions for young and old, as well as our other specialized press titles. With UNI-Presse, subscribing to the French press anywhere in the world is a breeze! Plus, our site is also available in English.



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