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Original articles on economic, social and cultural history.

This review was founded in 1960 by Jean Maitron as a direct consequence of a symposium on the topic of “The militant worker”. Mouvement Social is published by the association of the same name, in collaboration with the CNRS and the Centre d’histoire sociale du XXe siècle (formerly the Centre de recherche historique des mouvements sociaux et du syndicalisme) of the University of Paris I.

Mouvement Social promotes an open, multidisciplinary approach to social history, looking to insights from experts in economics, sociology, anthropology, demography, political science and law. The articles cover all cultures and areas of the world. The review focuses on the modern world (19th, 20th and 21st centuries).

The review also provides a platform for debate: it has a “Controverses” section that allows for full expression of differing scientifc approaches and historiographical currents.

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