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Mon Premier journal de Mickey

Mon Premier Journal de Mickey

Mickey for the young readers!

Mon Premier Journal de Mickey is thrilled to bring you this wonderful magazine for 6-9 year olds, and all their friends!

Specially created for children who are just beginning to read, this journal will accompany them in their learning and satisfy their endless curiosity. Mon Premier Journal de Mickey is perfect for satisfying your child’s overwhelming curiosity about the world around them. Created especially for young readers, it will help them develop an enthusiasm for the written word. It also contains adventurous stories they can read by themselves — including sections in English! It’s a great pal to have at home for your child’s first years at “big kid’s” school. Mickey is here to keep them ahead of the curve!

In Mon Premier Journal de Mickey, young readers will find everything that makes Journal de Mickey such a success: news, jokes, comic strips, games, and even collectible pages! Kids will get familiar with the world around them, with age-appropriate explanations. Loads of fun is waiting for children in these pages. They’ll be having such a good time, they won’t even realize it’s educational, too! And don’t forget the collectible editions contained therein.

Give your child this colorful and educational journal, including a complementary digital edition !




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Mon Premier journal de Mickey

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