Le Mensuel des Maisons de Retraite

Since 1997, Le Mensuel des Maisons de Retraite has been the reference newspaper of the Ehpad world. First of all, the magazine is aimed at the managers of establishments dedicated to caring for the elderly and their well-being. Moreover, depending on the subject in question, this publication offers interviews with specialists and expert opinions. They highlight all the latest medical news in elderly care.

The magazine’s punchy and informative tone enables any Ehpad manager to understand and control social and technical changes and their impact(s). Subscribe now to Le Mensuel des Maisons de Retraite in order to manage your Ehpad with dexterity and compassion. In terms of the latest news, the magazine highlights:

  • The different rates of accommodation in Ehpad
  • Best practices
  • Common Directions, a tool that is becoming more and more commonplace

The magazine seeks to keep the sector informed and rigorous in its maintenance of and attention to the elderly. Le Mensuel des Maisons de Retraite is highly relevant to managers of C.C.A.S, executives, ARS, and departmental councils.

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