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La Croix Campus
La Croix Campus is a news magazine for young people and students.
Every month, this news magazine dives into the most pressing subjects in France and abroad. From 16 and up, La Croix Campus is an indispensable tool to help young people improve their knowledge on general culture.
The magazine includes
  • An in-depth report that will bring the reader to the heart of a major subject in current events. The facts are explained in all their detail. Using a visual approach, the magazine supplies clear infographics that clarify key elements to today’s stories.
  • debate that will offer two conflicting views on a subject, allowing young readers to develop their own opinions and practice critical thought. This section also gives readers the keys for dialogue and debate, even (and especially!) when agreement is difficult.

Subscribe your teen to La Croix Campus, and allow them to better prepare their studies and to know more about the world around them. In improving their general culture, teens will also be better-prepared for the important exams that will affect their futures. Maintaining an open and informed mind on the world around them will help them better understand the world around them. La Croix Campus also ensures that your teen brushes up on their French, no matter where they may be.

You never need to be far from the most high-quality instruction for your adolescent — we ship to over 190 countries ! While you’re here, be sure to check out our website in French, too.




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