Le Point Vétérinaire Rural

Le Point Vétérinaire Rural is the reference magazine for post-university veterinary training and continued education.

Each month, you’ll find :

  •  International news, detailed clinical cases, diagnostic aids and informative step-by-step instructions.
  •  Specialized clinical cases
  • Review articles, guidelines and original research publications.
  • Clinical studies
  • A large 16-page dossier, written by a panel of specialists, on a theme central to the profession.
  • A 32-page expert dossier for advanced continuing education in rural care.

Plus, with Le Point Vétérinaire Rural, you earn Continuing Education Credits (CFC). Above all, the journal aims to be useful for rural practitioners. This means that it brings readers information that is directly applicable to their practice. And even if the science is rigorous, it’s always explained in a clear and concise style.

Every article contained in Le Point Vétérinaire Rural is validated by a scientific committee composed of dozens of professors and practitioners recognized in their specialty. Le Point Vétérinaire is thus indexed in numerous databases in many countries. Plus, find clinical cases, behavioral observation, the latest scientific news. What’s more, as a bonus you’ll receive the special rural issue published each year.

If you would like to discover other magazines, don’t hesitate to consult our website in French and English.

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