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Le Point Vétérinaire Rural

Leading postgraduate revue about veterinary

Le Point Vétérinaire Rural is the reference magazine for post-university veterinary training and continued education.

Every month, find :

– international news, detailed clinical cases, diagnostic help

– 16 pages, drafted by a specialists’ panel, on a topic related to your practice

– An expert exercise book  for training in rural veterinary medicine.

When you subscribe to Le Point Vétérinaire Rural, you accumulate Credits of In-service training (CFC). Designed for rural veterinarian practitioners, this review offers immediately applicable practical information, in a clear and concise style.

All articles are validated by the Scientific Committee, composed of several dozen professors or practitioners, each renowned in their speciality.

The review has three major sections:

“Infos”, presenting the latest scientific news, and a review of relevant international press

  • readers’ questions
  • reviews of relevant articles in the press
  • “Online”: a review of an internet site
  • “Focus”: three short articles on the latest products and materials, on advances in research, and on new protocols

“Mise à jour” for ongoing and complementray formation of veterinarian practitioners

  • “Le point sur …”:short synthetic articles on a disease, its etiology, its pathogenesis, its diagnosis, and its treatment
  • “Conduite à tenir”: step by step detailed advice on diagnostic practice and treatment of diseases
  • Clinical or technical pages, offering pedagogically presented practical advice on specific topics
  • “Avis d’experts”: specialists offer insights on a syndrome or a disease, harmonizing different approaches

“Pratique”, where the authors share the benefits of their clinical experience:

  • “Pas à pas”: visual step by step analysis of a surgical maneuver or technique, with photos and commentary
  • “Cas clinique”: three clinical observations, with pedagogic discussion
  • “Sur ordonnance”: an analysis of a ledicine by a pharmacologist
  • Quiz: three clinical cases, illustrated with a photo, presented in question/answer format, for readers to test their knowledge
  • Legislation: a legal document or a case, analysed by a specialist

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