Subscription Le Point vétérinaire canin

Develop theoretical and practical knowledge to use on a daily basis


Le Point vétérinaire expert canin is the ultimate reference journal for up-and-coming canine experts! Catered to veterinary practitioners, it presents readily applicable information in a clear and concise manner.

Every month you will get all the latest in international veterinary news, including synthesized clinical diagnostic aids and methodology. Reports written by specialists and expert opinions accompany each review to consolidate your ongoing education.


Receive 10 issues per year + web access to:

  • scientific monitoring to keep up-to-date with the latest innovations;
  • a special report on a canine topic;
  • all the latest training and legal news;
  • the cumulation of education credits in the form of CFCV (Committee on Continuing Veterinary Education) points for your remote learning declaration.


All articles are validated by a scientific committee made up of dozens of teachers and practitioners recognised in their field.

By reading le Point vétérinaire expert canin, you will accumulate continuing education credits that can be directly used for your remote learning.

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