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La Nouvelle Quinzaine littéraire

La Nouvelle Quinzaine littéraire

La Nouvelle Quinzaine Littéraire, known since 2019 as Quinzaines, is a reference in contemporary culture. Today, as in the past and under its old name, the bimonthly newspaper remains faithful to the spirit of its founders. With a concern for sobriety, openness and independence, it takes a critical look at current events in books and the arts, while at the same time inviting readers to reread classical works. The journal offers columns on current events in the arts and sciences. Indeed, over a thousand collaborators, academics, and journalists have contributed to the  magazine since 1966.

Quinzaines replaces La Nouvelle Quinzaine littéraire and continues in its tradition. In addition, Quinzaines also offers writing workshops for all those who want to learn or improve their writing skills. This allows certain dreamers to open their literary fields of action. It is an important step to take in order to understand the requirements of today’s publishers. Finally, the magazine proposes a short story competition for brave and ambitious writers. All in all, Quinzaines is here to offer its readers all the most helpful resources for studying and perfecting the essential craft of meaning-making.

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La Nouvelle Quinzaine littéraire

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